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Visit a doctor who understands Men’s health

Men – you need a Doctor who is right there for your health

The month of November is to raise awareness of men’s health issues and better educate you on self checks. As well as the different types of check ups you should be on top of at various stages in your life. #movember
In order to be fit and healthy and remain that way, careful love for our body will go a long way.
No matter your age, it takes a load of stamina to keep up with all that is required of us both mentally and physically and just sometimes, we need to have a little chat with someone who is completely understanding of our world.
Male Medical Professionals are available for you right now at our clinic who will listen and guide you through what would be the best way to tackle anything that may be a slight concern or worrying you.
Patient medical histories are so essential for your general health and especially for early detection of testicular and prostrate cancers.

Keeping you healthy is one of the priorities for our medical staff

It is not out of the ordinary for men to visit doctors on an infrequent basis. Waiting until the last moment is not always a good idea.
Early detection and preventative care is essential for maintaining long term well being. Therefore a regular checkup is recommended, which is part of the reason why we offer bulk billing to all Medicare card holders. We will also send routine reminders, not to bug you, but to be proactive in your care.

General Health Assessments are key

As we age, it should also be noted that things begin to show up at certain ages, therefore, it is best that you get some guidance as to what you might expect to happen as you approach these times in your life.
What better place to come for advice than Mountain Medical Centre. It helps for us to get to know you, however, it is equally important for you to get to know us as well.
Never think that you are just a number in our clinic. We recognise your value as a person and it is for that reason we consider all of our patients as being members of our own family.
Our doctors will listen, advise, diagnose, develop treatment plans, prescribe medication if needed, or refer you on to specialised care if necessary.
First of all, we just need to get together and get to know each other.

The following problems are only some of what we can help you deal with:

  • Penis issues
  • Testicular cancer checks
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Prostate cancer
  • Infections or diseases that are sexually transmitted
  • Progressive Disease Control
  • Managing Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Management of Pain
  • Male Pattern Baldness

Don’t be embarrassed come in and talk to us.

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