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4th Most Common Cancer | Prostrate Cancer

Warning Signs to be mindful of

Here in Australia the fourth most common diagnosed cancer for men is prostrate cancer.
Malignant growths occur when a group of abnormal cells begin huddling together in the prostrate gland, ultimately forming the beginning stages of an at-risk tumour.
To continue to enjoy health and longevity, men need to be aware of the importance of detecting this type of cancer in it’s initial stages.
Therefore it is highly recommended for each of you to make regular appointments at least yearly to have a thorough prostrate analysis.
At Mountain Medical Centre we suggest the following, as a guideline to help you to have an open mind about symptoms that could be happening in your life right now.

Frequent urination

Night time sleep is so necessary for our brain and ultimately our lives. Extra pressure in the prostrate gland can become quite disruptive to our normal sleep patterns when suddenly there appears to be an increased demand for bladder relief during those vital hours of slumber.

Pain in the back or pelvis

Experiencing a dull deep pain and/or stiffness in areas that have not previously been a bother is a sign that things might not be right in your prostrate gland. Areas of concern are upper thighs, ribs, lower back and pelvis and/or bones in these same areas.

Blood present in urine or semen

Producing blood from areas that you would not expect is often not a good sign. As tumours increase in growth, naturally there is going to be some pressure in the areas from which the blood is coming.
Areas of concern when blood begins to discharge from your penis are the urethra, the bladder, the ureters and the kidneys. Blood in your urine will also mean blood in your semen so it is vital to make an appointment for an examination at Mountain Medical Centre where our Doctors can begin investigations for you.

A weak urine stream

Again, whenever a foreign body begins to grow in a tightly restricted space, it is taking up room in an area of your body which will naturally put pressure on that particular organ.
In the case of urination, you will probably be suffering a starting and stopping situation because a distended prostrate will not only produce feelings of discomfort, but will also seriously affect the normal flow.

Pain during urination

As we have already highlighted above, abnormal growths take up room and can also sometimes be the reason behind the onset of pain and/or burning during the release of urine.
This could be an advanced warning sign of a growth obstacle in your prostrate gland.
Even if only for relief of mind, an urgent examination at Mountain Medical Centre can stabilise unsupported thoughts of panic.
Contact Mountain Medical Centre today should you be struggling with any one of the above symptoms to make an appointment for a prostate gland examination.
We are based on the Gold Coast and have a highly organised and professional team ready to help you with early detection, advice and counselling and referral to a Urologist or other Specialists if that is what is needed.

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